Our communities deserve political leaders who will fight for our needs, not fall in line with the status quo. I am not a yes man. I understand the hopes and fears of the families in my district. I want you to know that I will fight for your prosperity, not for the prosperity of politicians in Frankfort.

I am proud of our local communities, of Knott, Magoffin, and Pike County. Our small towns deserve to see new opportunities coming our way. Kentucky’s district 92 is a beautiful place, and our people deserve lasting security. As a lifelong conservative, I will work towards a brighter tomorrow, where our children will have better options than they do today.

Promote policies that Create Jobs for our People

Today, thousands of Kentuckians remain out of work or underemployed, waiting for a stagnant economy to slowly recover. While living under Obama’s policies, we have experienced a slumping economy, a healthcare disaster, and higher utility rates due to the War on Coal. These job-crushing policies are unacceptable, and we cannot afford them.

Obama’s presidency is coming to an end, and we must ensure that his policies leave with him. As your representative, I will support job-creating solutions. Let’s get our citizens back to work and bring new opportunities to our area.

Support Coal Jobs and Keep Money in Eastern Kentucky

In office, I will support legislation that protects coal mining in Kentucky. The war on coal that federal politicians continue to push for will result in serious loss of jobs for our district. Unlike other resources, coal provides many jobs and is a stable source of America-made energy. By shrinking this industry, we would need to increase cost of electricity. Increasing costs of electricity have been proven to disproportionally affect the poor and those on fixed incomes.

Further, we need to keep coal money in our district. While some of our local funds are used for other projects around the state, our communities suffer from inadequate resources. Our small towns have been hurt by devastating flooding and lack of clean water as recently as this year. We need someone in Frankfort to make the state leaders think twice before taking money from our counties.

Fight for Better Education and Protection for our Teachers

High school graduation rates and income rates are the greatest challenges for Kentucky. We know that better educated individuals are more likely to be contributing members of the community and have access to preventative healthcare. Some of the schools in our district struggle with child homelessness. Other schools struggle to keep classrooms safe, both for the teachers and children.

I will work to strengthen education for our children. A healthy classroom makes for a healthy workforce down the road. Our children deserve strong and long-lasting chances at a brighter future. We need to take a hard look at the effectiveness of Common Core Standards as well as develop competitive and employable students.

Upholding Clean Water

Contaminated drinking water is not a new issue for our district. Our local fire fighters and volunteer groups have gone over and above the line of duty to ensure that our families have access to clean water. As your Representative, I will take this issue to the Capitol. We need to ensure that our people have a reliable water supply, effective water treatment and fast clean up.

Pikeville and the Mountain Water District were in crisis as recently as this February, when freezing weather brought power outages and depleted water supplies. Our local teams worked tirelessly to right the situation, but residents still found it difficult to access clean water.

Fight Drug Abuse & Promote Healthy Living

Every community in our state has been touched by prescription and heroin drug abuse. These epidemics are fierce and devastating, and we are just now starting to wake up to the realities that we face. Our state has the third highest drug overdose mortality rate in the nation. According to the math, Kentucky loses over 1000 Kentuckians each year from prescription drug abuse alone.

This issue is complex, and growing every day. We need to decrease over-prescription by holding our doctors accountable. We need local solutions and we need to encourage families to invest in their children’s activities. We need to provide adequate care for addiction and offer hope to our citizens in bad situations. Lastly, we need tough penalties for drug dealers.

Battling Floodwaters and Working towards Infrastructural Improvements

Flooding is a big issue for our district. Our crewmembers must work to protect homes and businesses, while also watching the roads for stranded drivers. Infrastructure funds are key to protect our communities from flooding. Flood control projects will help contain problem areas and help our families feel safe in their own homes.

Promoting Tourism

We should also work towards better paved roads for improved transportation. Road improvements will encourage better tourism and boost our local economies. Our communities have a thriving history, and tourism promotion will help draw outside interest. As one example, take our Dawkins Line Rail Trail in Magoffin County.  The rail line is perfect for adventure-seeking tourists.

Fight for our Religious Freedoms

We must protect the religious freedoms of all Kentuckians, and work together to find logical solutions founded in our Constitution. Freedom of religion is a basic American liberty, and yet this protected right continues to come under fire here in Kentucky.

Protect the Second Amendment Right to Bear Arms

For many Kentuckians, owning a firearm is a part of everyday life. The fact that the Obama administration continues to jeopardize this fundamental right is truly beyond understanding. I promise to always stand up for the Constitutional rights of my fellow Kentuckians and to protect our way of life.